Business networks are increasingly exposed to cyberattacks. The number of devices of different types that are connected increases without control, and will grow more and more with the increase in the use of new technologies in all areas of the company, the emergence of new IoT technologies or the automation of business processes. This constantly increases the attack surface and with it the risks to which your business is exposed.

Our managed network access control (NAC) solution provides you with real-time visibility and control, in a managed way, of 100% of your devices as the foundation of your network security.

In this way, it is possible to detect unauthorised devices, malware, and botnets that infect PCs, compromising network security, or improper configurations or unauthorised software installed, causing security controls to be disabled.


  • Discover all devices, managed and unmanaged, in real time when they connect to your network.
  • Classify devices to identify their function, type, operating system, etc.
  • Evaluate and determine the risk profile, examining different parameters in relation to the devices.
  • Quick implementation by accredited experts.
  • Reactive and proactive monitoring. Adjustment and continuous improvement.