DDoS attacks, or distributed denial-of-service attacks, are a very common type of cyber attack that overwhelms a device or application with large volumes of anomalous requests. They result in the denial of service and the inability to access systems, including DNS, and applications that are published through the internet to any user, internal or external to the organisation.

They are designed to disable your server or applications, and cause service outages, resulting in downtime, loss of revenue, and impact on the company’s reputation.

DDoS attacks are often seen as a phenomenon that only affects large providers and data centres, but the reality is that they cause damage on a daily basis through much smaller attacks against vulnerable, sometimes poorly defended resources, such as company websites. Many times they are even attacks to make noise, taking advantage of the distraction to carry out other types of even more harmful attacks, such as the theft of information.

Related to this type of attack are also attacks that use botnets and that affect organisations so much, due to business exposure and sales channels.

At Evolutio, we offer you different types of cloud solutions to protect against DDoS attacks that continuously monitor traffic and requests, automatically detecting malicious traffic, taking action quickly, and eliminating the danger before it reaches your network. In this way, the impact on your business is zero, and the performance of your systems is not compromised. Leave the control of the entire process in our expert hands, from the initial analysis, to the controlled deployment, the monitoring and maintenance of the service and continuous improvement.

At Evolutio we have specialists with in-depth knowledge of the main technologies on the market and the techniques and methodologies used to mitigate or minimise exposure to these attacks.


  • Automatic detection and mitigation in Always-on or on-demand mode, allowing quick action to be taken.
  • Reduced impact on your business, and your reputation.
  • Team of experts in DDoS attacks.
  • We work with the main partners in the market.