Today, users have access to multiple solutions and platforms, which can leave your business security accessible to a multitude of risks, at any time.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions analyse, filter or block traffic to and from a specific web application, protecting your company from cyberattacks both at the level of information leakage or control, as well as the spread or infection of unknown malware.

Our dedicated team of cybersecurity experts manages these types of technologies on a 24×7 model, in both English and Spanish, continually adjusting and modifying rule sets to block both known cyber attacks and new threats that appear. Our solution is scalable, and not only does it not affect application performance, but it optimises, accelerates and provides web caching functionality. These solutions also cover the protection of APIs, which, as part of compliance with the PDS2 banking regulations, become the technical means that will allow banks to comply with what the regulations establish.

At Evolutio we work with the main security providers such as Akamai, F5 or Imperva, which allows your company access and management of the latest protection technologies.


  • Comply with standards and regulations such as PSD2 or PCI DDS. We have the expertise to ensure that your policies, application firewall settings, and rule sets help you comply with regulations.
  • Have an efficient security architecture. We are fully aware of next-generation application firewalls and how they help your security architecture.
  • Ensure the availability of your web applications at all times.