The increasingly permeable nature of the perimeter of many companies, due to the elimination of complexity in their infrastructures, and the proliferation of IT systems in many business processes, make the number of cyber threats increase. It also increases the level of sophistication of the attacks. Your company needs to have protection systems in real time, flexible and effective, but that do not interfere with the performance of your network.

At Evolutio we monitor in real time all the information that circulates through your company’s network, and the devices that are connected, through intrusion detection and prevention systems, and intelligent firewalls, guaranteeing complete visibility of all traffic and activity from the net.

We identify suspicious behaviour, anomalies, or improper uses of the system, and act in real time to stop cyberattacks, combining monitoring with analysis, using our database of identified threats and the analytics of our dedicated team of experts, and protecting from effectively shape your infrastructure against any cyberattack.


  • Online monitoring in real time, without affecting the performance of the network.
  • Detection of attacks that would go unnoticed by a traditional firewall.
  • Protection of hybrid, on-premises, private and public cloud infrastructures.
  • Centralised management system.