At Evolutio, we believe that we have the responsibility to set an example and be a model when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility. We engage in issues where our experience and knowledge as a leading company in the ICT sector can provide added value: addressing climate change, supporting the creation of a more sustainable, tolerant and involved society in supporting the most disadvantaged sectors, promoting equal opportunities; and invest socially in all those places where we work.

We also follow internal policies and indicators that reflect our commitment to our customers, employees, shareholders, and the community.

As a responsible company, our goal is to help organisations become more sustainable. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our impact on society and the environment. We work to be a socially responsible company that aims to reconcile the activity it carries out with the maintenance of the resources of the future, increase the quality of life and contribute to social development.

Our vision is to make companies, and ourselves, more sustainable in the long term through what we know best and do best: Communications.

Sustainability plays a fundamental role in the development of companies. Supporting your CSR strategy and helping you improve your impact on society is a task that we take very seriously.

Committed to people and their environment.

At Evolutio we know that companies must also bring benefits to people and the environment in which they carry out their activity. Therefore, we have created social policies to promote equality between people and care for the environment, assuming a common social commitment to all employees of the organisation.

Diversity and equality
Evolutio promotes a model of society where there is no discrimination of any kind, whether based on race, sex, religion, mental or physical disability or social origin. Through different actions, at Evolutio we seek to promote diversity and equality in all areas of life, cooperating in the integration of the most disadvantaged groups both personally and professionally.

We are aware of the changes in our environment and, therefore, we want to develop policies that ensure their well-being. We have managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 58% and we aim for this reduction to reach 80% by 2020.

TIC Volunteers
The work of the Evolutio Foundation is carried out thanks to the collaboration of the Evolutio volunteers who participate in the different projects launched. Our volunteers contribute with their professional knowledge to increase the solidarity impact of different social entities.