We should promote societal models where there is no discrimination of any kind, whether based on race, sex, religion, mental or physical disability or social origin. Differences add and enrich our culture, providing a great diversity of points of view, opinions and ideas.

Diversity Charter
We adhere to the Diversity Charter in order to promote our commitment to the fundamental principles of:
• Equality.
• Respect for the right of inclusion of all people, regardless of their diverse profiles, in the workplace and in society.
• Recognition of the benefits provided by the inclusion of cultural, demographic and social diversity in the organisation.
• Implementation of specific policies to promote a work environment free of prejudice in the field of employment, training and promotion.
• Promotion of non-discrimination programs for disadvantaged groups.

Equality at work
Somos is the first ICT Operator to receive the Equality in the Company distinction, granted by the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality to the 36 companies that stand out in a relevant and especially significant way in the application of equal treatment and opportunities policies with its workers. A total of 600 companies opted for this accreditation and Evolutio was the only ICT operator to obtain it.

More women, better companies
Evolutio is a member of the “More women, better companies” initiative, committed to the equality of women and men in their positions of responsibility.

Programme Inserta
We are part of the Fundación ONCE Inserta Program aimed at large companies. We work for the development of projects that promote the employment of people with disabilities and improve their quality of life. We are strategic partners to promote the real integration of people with disabilities and partners of the ONCE Foundation to achieve its goals. Furthermore, as an Inserta company, we express our commitment to social responsibility, diversity and disability and our desire to integrate this variable in a transversal way in its value chain and in the Corporate Social Responsibility policies that it develops, thereby improving its competitiveness.

Companies for a society free of gender violence
As a sign of its social commitment and its effort to promote equal opportunities in the workplace, Evolutio has been one of the largest companies in Spain that has joined the initiative “Companies for a society free of gender violence” put into march by the Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equality, aimed at raising awareness in society and promoting the labor inclusion of victims of abuse.

Companies play a key role in raising social awareness about gender equality, as well as protecting victims and offering an alternative for the future to women living at risk.

For this reason, Evolutio has joined this agreement as part of its continuous commitment to creating a more sustainable, tolerant and involved society in supporting disadvantaged groups.

Evolutio will continue to reflect in its business project its basic principles of equality and respect for diversity, offering victims of gender violence the attention and support they deserve.