Evolutio is one of the pioneering companies in caring for the environment and its track record in this area is excellent. Thanks to our environmental policies, we are one of the few companies that has managed to reduce its total emissions while its business continues to grow.

Our commitment

Evolutio is committed to preventing pollution and reducing the impact of its global operations on the environment. In particular, we will contribute to all initiatives focused on combating climate change.

In addition, the European Commission has recognized us with the “EMAS Bronze” certification, being the only company in the sector recognized by the European Commission with this recognition, as a result of our commitment to sustainability, strategic planning and the integration of sustainability in making decisions. Thanks to everyone’s effort and involvement, we continue to be a benchmark in the field of sustainability.

We renew our commitment to face with more determination to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment, permanently seeking solutions for the organisation and for our clients. The renewal of this commitment is expressed through the following principles:

Environmental principles and policies

The environmental policy guides the day-to-day life of the company in relation to the environment and undertakes to establish improvement objectives and to closely monitor environmental performance. Communicating the company’s goals, action plans, and environmental achievements helps everyone at Evolutio understand, know, and carry out this policy in their daily work. Evolutio recognises that its daily operations have an impact on the environment that manifests itself in various ways and is committed to reducing the potentially harmful effects of such operations whenever and wherever possible. Evolutio aims to offer more and more services and solutions that reduce the environmental impact and that can have significant benefits in the environment. These principles are the framework on which Evolutio’s environmental program is based. This allows setting goals and measuring progress, as well as striving for continuous improvement of the environment. The company assumes the obligation to help everyone who works for and on behalf of Evolutio to understand and implement the relevant aspects of this policy in their daily work, through the regular communication of objectives, action plans and achievements. It will also ensure that the joint ventures of Evolutio and other business partners are aware of this policy and promote the principles of responsible environmental practice. Through a continuous improvement program, Evolutio is committed to:

  • Comply with all current environmental legislation and other requirements, including those of interested parties, that it deems appropriate, adapting to regulatory changes.
  • Seek to reduce the consumption of materials, reuse instead of discarding when possible and promote recycling, both in the organisation and in the identified interested parties on which it has influence, and in general, be as efficient as possible in the consumption of resources at all stages of their life cycle.
  • Seek efficient energy management and, where possible, the reduction of waste in all stages of its life cycle, both from the organisation and from suppliers and customers.
  • Analyse the context of your organisation, and work in partnership with our suppliers and customers to minimise the impact of their activities on the environment, providing the information deemed necessary on Evolutio’s teams and activities, to improve the environmental performance of the parties. interested.
  • Monitor the environmental situation through regularly revised objectives aimed at reducing energy and water consumption, reducing emissions, noise, etc.
  • Carry out innovative projects that promote the generation of ideas that allow you to achieve your environmental goals and objectives.
  • Make public this policy and our commitment to the environment.

Our achievements

Regarding the achievements we have obtained during fiscal year 2019/20, it is worth highlighting:

  • We continue with the management of office waste so that each employee can also deposit the spent batteries they have at home.
  • The paper we use is 100% recycled.
  • We have reduced paper purchases compared to the previous year by 19%.
  • Evolutio has registered its carbon footprint in the registry of the Ministry of the Environment (Code: 2019_a415).
  • Collection of mobile terminal waste through the Tragamóvil agreement, and environmental awareness of our distributors and customers.
  • Management of all waste generated in the offices and at the network nodes.
  • Promotion of our suppliers’ commitment to proper environmental management, good practices and efficiency measures to reduce electricity consumption, as well as making a portfolio of solutions and services to improve energy efficiency available to our clients (Green Office).
  • Energy savings in our Nodes and Offices, compared to the same period of the previous year by 4.6%.
  • We have contracted the electricity supply for all its facilities in Spain of renewable origin, so its CO2 emissions in this aspect are zero.
  • We have available to the public the annual environmental statement in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1221/2009 regarding the voluntary participation of organisations in a Community environmental management and audit system (EMAS). You can request it in the following e-mail: evolutio.medioambiente@evolutio.com

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