The contracting of the products and services offered by BT will be made through the web address using the BT Window tool. For this, a contracting procedure has been established in which once the description of the specific service, functionalities and / or specifications of the same and the current rates have been shown, the client who wishes to contract will find an icon with this name through which they will access to the General Conditions of Contract of the Service. Once read by the Client, and if he is satisfied with them, he will accept them or cancel the procedure. In the event that you accept them, you will fill in a data collection form that you will send automatically. Both the acceptance of the Conditions and the sending of the data are registered automatically in the BT Systems. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the General Contracting Conditions will always be accessible on the website.

BT will send the client documentary confirmation of the contracting made by email within twenty-four hours after BT receives the acceptance, in accordance with the provisions above. BT will archive the computer records or logs of said shipment in its computer systems.

During the contracting process, BT makes the following data validation systems and automatic data recharge systems available to Clients:

  • Checking the correct format of the Checking Account Code.
  • Verification of the correct format of the NIF / C.I.F / Residence Card.
  • Validation (eligible by the Client) of the address on an electronic street map at the city, province, street and postal code level.
  • Validation of the correct format of an email.
  • Validation of the Client’s name and surname (adequate length, alphanumeric).
  • Format of the FAX and telephone number.
  • Length of all fields entered from any Form.
  • Security protocols in User / Password
  • In addition, the Client may modify the following information online:
    • Telephone and fax numbers.
    • If the Client is an SME (number of employees, website address and billing. For security reasons and, in compliance with the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection, to modify personal data it is necessary to make a request that should be addressed to by BT Spain, Compañía de Servicios Globales de Telecomunicaciones, SA Unipersonal., At the following address: C / Salvador de Madariaga 1, 28027 Madrid indicating the reference “Data Protection”.

The Client’s request will state:

  • Name, surname and photocopy of the National Identity Document.
  • Petition in which the request is specified.
  • Valid address for the purpose of notifications.
  • All contracts with BT will be drawn up in Spanish.

The contracts will be made through the BT Customer Service Center, accessible through the telephone number 1433. The Customer will receive information on the specifications and / or functionalities of the service they wish to contract, the current rates and the availability of the General Contracting Conditions for the same on the website. If you decide to contract it, the client will provide the data that is required to formalise the order.

As soon as BT is going to start providing the contracted service, BT will send the client documentary confirmation of the contracting made by email, as a general rule, or in written support by registered letter.