Evolutio deploys its new Connect “Cloud Ready” network infrastructure

A new network prepared to provide connectivity up to 100Gbps, more scalable thanks to its high density of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps client ports and optimised with a presence in the main public data centers and interconnection points with cloud service providers (Equinix, Interxion and Global Switch) in Spain.

A network designed to connect our customers with more than 170 cloud providers in data centers around the world, at a very competitive price, with reduced delivery times and with a configuration and management of the end-end solution by Evolutio. Connectivity with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google and Oracle with capacities of up to 1 Gbps and delivery times of just 2 business days being already available.

As an additional advantage, connectivity with cloud providers is done through Evolutio’s IP virtual private network service, so that applications and services hosted in the cloud are accessible like any other headquarters of the client’s virtual private network, maximising therefore the security of the solution and optimising its performance.

In this way, Evolutio continues to help organisations in the implementation of their network strategies, where, more and more, their CPDs and applications evolve from a private environment to public environments in the cloud.