We advance in our partnership with Google Cloud by deploying its Anthos platform

We have become one of the European Google Cloud partners to deploy Google Kubernetes Engine in hybrid mode using the Anthos platform. With Anthos, it is possible to carry out hybrid implementations, making it easier, for example, to comply with certain regulations imposed by public bodies. Google Kubernetes Engine is the de facto standard of technology that underpins all modern cloud-native applications. In addition, Anthos enables companies to build, deploy and manage applications anywhere in a secure and consistent way. This enables the modernization of existing applications running on virtual machines while deploying containerised cloud-native applications, within an environment that increasingly employs hybrid and multicloud cloud technology.

This technology enables Google Kubernetes Engine to be deployed in hybrid mode, providing a consistent experience in the development and operations of all company deployments, reducing operational overhead and improving developer productivity. In this way, Evolutio customers will be able to benefit from the capabilities of the Anthos platform to deploy solutions based on hybrid clouds, taking advantage of the global reach, security and adaptability to specific needs of Google Cloud.

The Anthos platform brings greater flexibility to choose between private, public, or hybrid clouds. In the case of organisations that are making significant efforts to modernise their applications, the structure in kubernetes or containers is ideal, since it facilitates the choice of the most appropriate type of cloud for each case. By the following three capabilities, containers are the foundation of modern cloud applications:

  • They provide greater mobility capabilities, allowing applications to be moved easily and reliably, migrating them from a private environment to a public one without problems, or vice versa.
  • Likewise, they allow you to easily scale capacity to efficiently attend to possible sales peaks caused by the “always on” of the cloud.
  • Finally, they provide capabilities to modify business applications: whereas, otherwise, periodic and one-off changes are made, containers allow hundreds of small changes to the application per week, speeding up development.

According to Jacinto Cavestany, CEO of Evolutio“being able to quickly adapt a company’s digital transformation strategy is essential, especially today, in a changing and uncertain economic environment. We are proud to be one of the Google Cloud partners in Europe to deploy Anthos and to be able to provide our clients with new and exclusive capabilities from a partner of recognized prestige and scope such as Google Cloud, providing solid digital experiences and the ability to adapt and evolve in depending on your needs or the requirements of third parties».