Data is the most precious assets of companies. Thanks to Evolutio’s Cloud Adoption consulting services, we determine the ideal transformation strategy for each workload, in order to optimise them under technical and technological criteria. 

Evolutio Professional Services will come up with and execute the proposed hybrid transformation plan, which will focus on three main strategies

  • Migration: Move the applications identified in an AS-IS model to another technology platform, focusing on transforming the underlying infrastructure in order to reduce costs.
  • Re-architecture: Seeks to reuse existing applications by enabling improvements in areas such as performance, scalability or automation. In this case we will focus on changing the necessary pieces of architecture to achieve the desired benefits. 
  • Digitalisation: Design new native applications in the cloud, which prioritise agility and flexibility, to face new digital challenges. Closely linked to the agile operation of infrastructures, it will use new paradigms such as micro-services and containers. 


  • Optimise current costs, moving loads to more efficient platforms.
  • Promote the agile development of new business applications.
  • Improve performance of critical applications.
  • Ensure a safe and efficient transformation, based on Evolutio’s experience.
  • Diversify the technological environment thanks to the capabilities of the Evolutio multi-platform.