Today, more than ever, it is essential to have correct monitoring of services and a business analytics model, through the analysis of KPIs, user experience metrics and impact trees, which allow us to build a comprehensive data control panel of the business.

With our monitoring services we offer our clients powerful monitoring tools for their systems and applications.

Through a monitoring console, you can access via the web and receive or view the configured alarms generated by your systems. Through personalised monitoring, we design and implement your ad hoc needs, to adapt to your business processes and KPIs. This monitoring is done through our expert consulting team.

Through business analytics we create customised data models, classifying and enriching the information.

To do this, we define the architecture and implementation of the analytical project through artificial intelligence and machine learning services. By prototyping cognitive models, we check the validity of the solution before integrating it with the necessary business processes, achieving a significant improvement in its efficiency. Our artificial intelligence experts use their own methodologies to study, prepare and order the data, designing these models and analytical flows, guaranteeing the necessary anonymization and secure access mechanisms.


  • Expert technology and resources at your fingertips to accelerate your business.
  • Cost models in OPEX format and monthly payment per use.
  • Ease of growth and evolution through agile methodologies.
  • Data analytics platform pre-integrated with our Cloud, Connectivity, Security and Digital Experience management services.