Technology advances by leaps and bounds and no one doubts the immense benefits that the public cloud brings to the business ecosystem.

However, our clients face several challenges when starting to take the first steps or optimise their path to the hybrid cloud, such as cost control, lack of training or the time to analyse their technological assets in detail.

At Evolutio we carry out analysis on the maturity of your applications and data architecture to define the best roadmap for modernisation and mass adoption of the Cloud paradigm, defining the most appropriate IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS architecture that meets business needs and criticality of each service item. We propose three consulting modules to adapt to your needs, a main module for cloud adoption consulting, and two specific modules, one for DevOps consulting and the other for cloud governance consulting.


  • Analyse their current workloads, classified in technical or functional blueprints in their different technological platforms, as well as the IT operation model and the dependencies with the business.
  • Identify the enablers to determine the transformation to cloud services in different typologies (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) and with the different cloud strategies (public, private or hybrid).
  • Establish a transformation roadmap to the Cloud or re-architecture on the existing platform.
  • Establish a new application development roadmap for future compatibility and alignment with the cloud model.