There are many companies that need to take advantage of the benefits that the cloud provides, such as self-service, scalability or its elasticity, but with the control and customisation of dedicated resources, through an infrastructure hosted in a local environment of their organisation or external. In a private cloud solution, services and infrastructure are always kept on a private network and a higher level of security and privacy is guaranteed, in order to guarantee the protection of certain operations and data.

It can be a requirement for the needs of certain public bodies, financial institutions or companies that need to carry out essential operations and seek to increase control over the environment

At Evolutio we have a virtualised data centre platform, hosted in our Tier III and III + data centres, capable of providing all IT services: network, storage, computing, security and applications. We build and configure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with your requirements, based on a set of “building blocks” that guarantee speed of delivery and stability in operation, while allowing flexibility to adapt to your specific needs. We comply with the most demanding quality standards in the market in aspects of safety, energy efficiency and management of internal operating processes.

Our data centres are the neutral point of the network, which allows you to access a wide range of data connectivity possibilities for the hosted equipment, through us or from different communications providers, as well as with the rest of the venues that need to be connected , always with the highest quality.


Our capabilities are provided under a service model, which gives you:

  • Expenditure model (OPEX) and pay per use, or other investment models (CAPEX).
  • Hiring the capacity you need at all times, being able to adapt to the seasonality or growth plans of your business.
  • Different ranges of combinable service, according to the performance requirements of your systems.
  • 24×7 service by specialised and certified technical teams, avoiding involving your company’s resources.
  • Technological renovation scheduled periodically.
  • Quality of service agreements by contract as standard.