By using a public cloud, cloud resources (such as servers and storage) are owned by the cloud provider, which takes care of their administration over the Internet, sharing the same hardware, storage, network devices and service catalog. This allows you to benefit from lower costs, in pay-per-use mode, almost unlimited scalability, and great reliability. You can combine it with private cloud so that you can take advantage of both worlds, distributing your applications and data as needed

At Evolutio we have strategic agreements with the main cloud providers in the market, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle, to deploy end-to-end services in their public clouds. Our solutions offer you a “ready-to-use” consumption model, neglecting aspects such as the definition of access policies, the management of multiple subscriptions, or the appropriate cloud connectivity model. By combining Public Cloud services with the rest of our Cloud portfolio, we can configure your private and public clouds together and connect your data centres and headquarters choosing what and where to connect, combine your private assets and ours, and take advantage of the broad set of services. and infrastructure that the different cloud providers put at your service.


  • Choice: Access multiple cloud service options and combine it with our network and data center capabilities. 
  • Agility: Enjoy the resources of the public cloud, in an orderly manner, from day one.
  • Control: Our management system offers you a control panel to manage IT infrastructure and services from anywhere.
  • Performance: High performance and secure connectivity. 
  • Security and control over your data.