Increasingly, companies rely on SalesForce as a CRM tool, as it allows them to concentrate and manage all their business information, better understanding the needs of their customers and improving the way they interact with them. It allows them to access data in real time wherever they are and from any device and track the sales process.

The contact centre is also a fundamental tool for customer management, so a native integration between the two solutions increases its efficiency and allows it to offer a better service.

The cloud contact centre, with full integration with Salesforce, works seamlessly with the CRM to obtain key customer data and information.

It allows your teams to have personalised connections on all channels. With this solution, you can manage performance, integrate Salesforce channels, lead your customers intelligently, and optimise your agents.

This integration is designed for Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud users, combined with the features of a cloud contact centre.

  • Unmatched integration of SalesForce into routing, analytics, reporting and user experience for Service Cloud and Sales Cloud users.
  • Cloud, hosted in AWS. 
  • Omnichannel by design, seamlessly combines voice and SalesForce to deliver a consistent multi-channel customer experience while reducing administrative complexity.
  • Global, with data centres and coverage around the world.


  • Quick start-up.
  • Unique desktop interface. Agents can customise their screens with the tools and data they need.
  • Consolidated reports with a single source of information in SalesForce.
  • Improve customer service and increase agent productivity. The right data and automated routing free up resources in your contact centre.