Taking your contact center to the cloud allows you to have the innovation, flexibility and agility of this model, with Cisco Webex Contact Center you will also add the security and global scalability of this tool.

At Evolutio we advise you on selecting the best cloud contact center for your company, according to your current and future needs, and we help you personalise the experience and integrate the applications you need.

With added collaboration tools from Cisco, your agents can quickly communicate with supervisors to resolve customer issues, quickly and efficiently, whenever they need it. Using chatbots you can minimise the workload of the agents with self-service, transferring to a chat, call or video call when the consultation requires it.

Omnichannel is increasingly necessary, customers not only use one way to contact your company, but they expect to have the same service on all channels. Your agents will be able to manage all interactions from a unified desktop, minimising application switching.

In addition, you will always know the status of your contact center and interactions with customers, with reports and personalised control panels in real time.


  • Routing queue based on real-time data on call volumes, resource availability, and other variables, reducing call abandonment rates.
  • Centralised monitoring of agents, equipment and systems in real time.
  • Centralised operations management that reduces administrative burden.
  • Personalisation and integration of applications.
  • Flexible migration options to the cloud.
  • Integration of chatbots with artificial intelligence.