New channels create new touch points and new opportunities for interaction, while consumer expectations continue to grow at an exponential rate, and they expect to enjoy seamless access to online stores, and personalised customer support available at instant, from the first contact.

In order to respond to these expectations efficiently, there are numerous disruptive technologies around artificial intelligence oriented to conversation and understanding of natural language and voice, to facilitate human interactions in all channels that combine self-service and assisted service. Able to converse naturally with clients and expertly assist agents in more complex cases.

At Evolutio we work with all the technologies available on the market, and we are capable of managing the different channels and defining different types of applications. We work with Chatbot technology, HumanBot Natural Language, SpeechText Analitycs, Transcriber or VoiceBiometrics in the environments of multiple Contact Center manufacturers such as Genesys, Cisco or Avaya, and different cloud technologies such as AWS, Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft or Nuance.


  • Savings in development, maintenance and life cycle costs, and improved customer satisfaction
  • Increase productivity and employee satisfaction with the automation of routine and high frequency interactions.
  • Flexibility and efficiency by selecting the most efficient technology for your company.
  • Easy implementation of omnichannel and consistency between customer contact channels.
  • Total visibility on the behaviour of the service and the client.
  • Autonomy and independence.