Automated and intelligent conversations with a human touch.

At Evolutio we help you create automations for your call center, reducing costs while creating seamless experiences. With Nina, Nuance’s intelligent virtual assistant, we can integrate an automated and intuitive experience across all of your digital channels, engaging with your customers in natural conversations via voice or text.

Nina enables an intelligent dialogue, as if it were two humans, between consumers and her brand. Each conversation can be captured, analysed and put together to provide real-time information.

A rich set of features, such as the ability to understand complex questions, ask clarifying questions, and personalise responses, enables you to provide a superior quality experience. Nina learns from past and present interactions with real-time agents and other interactions on her digital channels to constantly optimise behaviour and improve the accuracy of responses.


  • Efficient: The fastest way to give the customer the answer they need using natural conversation, understand complex questions and provide the right solution.
  • Consistent: Lets you deliver a consistent experience across channels, ensuring your customers receive the quality of service they expect. 
  • Optimised for companies: Personalisation, data privacy and security are guaranteed, as well as the integration requirements with your systems to offer complete solutions and a high return on investment. Nina enables faster time to market with preloaded business and industry specific knowledge and experience.