Some front-office processes can be fully automated, but recent studies show that at least 81% of processes require agent intervention to complete. These are essential tasks for customer service, but they involve a large bureaucratic workload.

With the automation of the agent position, through the concept of “Augmented Agent“, we integrate an assistant that helps to carry out tasks with greater speed and precision.

Through virtual assistants and robots we achieve efficiencies and savings in 100% of front-office processes, avoiding numerous human errors, loss of attention to monotonous or complex processes, and access to multiple applications. Agents can focus on higher-value activities, while robots optimise processes.

Through our robotisation and virtual assistant solution you get: 

  • Capture and monitor the activity of the agent position.
  • Automate your activity.
  • Unify information from multiple applications in a single view. 
  • Provide contextual help in real time to the agent as a guide.
  • Integrate with back office processes.


  • Reduction of human errors.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increase in employee satisfaction.
  • Reduction of the learning curve.
  • Increase in FCR (First Call Resolution).
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance processes.