Those customer requests that can be easily attended by a virtual operator can be automated, in this way customers avoid the need for long queues, and no human intervention is necessary. Immediacy and availability at any time of the day to access certain types of services is also guaranteed.

The solution that we propose from Evolutio consists of automating the reception of calls to your office or customer service center.

In this way it is possible to optimise resources, improving the customer experience with an advanced interactive voice response IVR software, with options for interaction via keyboard and / or voice and natural language. It has the simplicity of cloud communications and includes telephone numbering. It is a solution that deploys quickly, without the need for investments in equipment, and in a pay-per-use mode.


  • Savings in personnel costs.
  • Improved customer experience, avoiding waiting times.
  • Autonomy and Independence.
  • Quick response and availability of the service, by answering 100% of calls 24/7.
  • Easy setup.