Companies want their customers’ experience to be easy and simple, for this it is necessary to implement an omnichannel vision.

Messaging is today the most used communication tool in the world, both personally and professionally, and we must implement it as one more channel of communication between users and the company.

With the implementation of tools such as WhatsApp for Business for customer service, you will be able to guarantee fluid communication with users, safely, by having sender verification and bi-directional encrypted communication. It also allows knowing when the message has been viewed and improves communication with images, video, files, or voice.

The uses of this new tool are endless: automated online citations, urgent notifications, confirmation or information inquiries, customer assistance or marketing campaigns.


Agility: Allows you to serve customers quickly.

Automation: It allows automating the service through the use of a BOT without the need for the supervision of an agent.

Improved customer experience: Proactivity, speed, transparency, reduction of costs, time and human errors.