Companies have the need to reduce the number of accesses, types and service to the telephone network, provide their customers with local numbers in the different countries of the world where they operate, or redirect calls to one or more centralised points, but with the cost of a local call

Make it easy for your customers to contact your company in a simple way, at any of your locations around the world, or by bringing all contact centres together in a single virtual operation.

At Evolutio we offer you five types of access, depending on the country or volume, centralised billing and a single contract for all the numbers contracted.


  • Increase the efficiency of operations and reduce costs, taking advantage of economies of scale.
  • Improve customer service with multiple access points.
  • Increase control through a managed solution with unified reporting and web management tools.
  • Smart Grid with unmatched reach and resilience.
  • We put our experience at your disposal, managing more than 6 billion minutes a year.