Analytics technology applied to customer experience provides an unprecedented opportunity to turn customer interactions into business opportunities.

Additionally, customer interactions come from multiple channels, so we need to improve the customer experience, increase sales, reduce customer churn, and optimise process efficiency.

Evolutio has the objective of providing its clients with a clear vision of what is happening on their platforms and allowing the monitoring of both technical parameters and business KPIs thanks to its ability to integrate information from multiple data sources.

It is a solution that allows you to integrate audio and incorporate text data that comes from written channels.

In this way, intentions can be defined and models used for the automatic cataloging of calls and contacts through the integration of third-party speech services.


  • Customer satisfaction: identify recurring themes, trends, KPIs, …
  • Competitive Intelligence: In data gleaned from conversations with new and at-risk customers who may request features, etc., provided by your competitors.
  • Underperforming Agents: Quickly identify underperforming agents on a customer service team.
  • Good practices and efficient messages: Easily identify the structures and tones and content of messages and conversations that work with the customer and improve their satisfaction. With this information, the company can guide its strategies in order to improve its brand image.