Information technology (IT) is increasingly converging with operational technology (OT) to drive innovation and productivity in industry, and monitor and improve business performance, adopting artificial intelligence, robotics and smart sensor technologies. , and the management and analysis of large amounts of data.

Innovation is advancing every day in data acquisition, control and supervision devices (SCADA), which allow remote control and supervision of industrial processes, or in industrial control systems (ICS) of a large part of critical infrastructures. Networks are merging, leaving the door open to new cyber threats.

These devices are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks and as the use of IoT increases in the industry, companies find that they do not control everything they have connected and the risks they face.

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Security concerns as IT and OT converge force the industry to tackle cyber attacks, prevent ransomware and asset attacks, protect sensitive data, and reduce risk and complexity. On the other hand, the growth in the adoption of the cloud and edge computing, driven by the exponential growth of data, improves agility and flexibility, but requires compliance with strict regulatory and compliance requirements.

At Evolutio we help your company to establish the most appropriate industrial security framework, mapping the security controls necessary for your activity, evaluating and managing risks and measuring the maturity of the current state.

We will propose a roadmap, which we will monitor and measure using process intelligence tools. Our OT consultants will guide you in the transformation strategy.