The number of security threats continues to increase continuously, as well as the complexity of them.

Companies incorporate systems to protect themselves against intrusions and very diverse cyber threats. But they generate so much information to monitor that it requires interpretation to recognise the real risks. The volume of security data is useless unless it can be quickly analysed and filtered into manageable alerts, and this cannot be done manually.

At Evolutio we propose automatic threat detection solutions in pay-per-use mode, in the cloud or managed, with artificial intelligence tools.

Our cloud solution combines threat detection, incident response, and threat intelligence. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) teams effectively detect and remedy cyber attacks under a 24x7x365 service.

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In addition, access to the control panel gives you complete information on the status of your company’s risks and the ability to generate real-time reports on your company’s security posture.

With our managed solution, count on security experts who will continuously monitor threats, providing detailed reports on the health and performance of your systems.

We manage your software updates and patches, respond to bugs proactively, and make sure your threat detection system is automatically up and running in 24×7 mode, so your analysts can focus on responding to threats, or we can do this for you.