Our consulting service accompanies you to face the challenges in Cybersecurity.

The cybersecurity strategy aims to adapt to your needs by providing an overview, helping in a specific area, or evolving the response to different threats and attacks.

Our consulting service consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Risk analysis and security roadmap

  • Analysis of the current situation and categorisation, using a market reference framework.
  • Creation of a security master plan and roadmap.
  • Study of the needs and prioritisation of projects, to meet the objectives set by the company.
  • The process is based on the CIS Controls framework consisting of 20 controls and 171 sub-controls.

Phase 2: Evolutio consulting services

Analysis and improvement of the security services that the company currently has, by our certified experts in the different areas of security:

  • Our specialised teams will carry out both implantations and evolutions of the technologies and services existing in the client.
  • Creation of strategic plans and joint vision, to be able to get the most out of the investments made.

Phase 3: Evolution of security systems and controls based on Miter Attack

The objective is to extract the main attack TTPs that affect each business, the security solutions that the company has are analysed and the strategy to follow is defined.

  • Evolution of defence and response systems.
  • Analysis of threats and use cases by industry and business.
  • Threat prioritisation framework, which helps you focus on the most important threats targeting your industry.

Identify the biggest threats to your business, discover the threats you are not protected against, and prioritise investing where your main risks lie.