The world of cybersecurity changes rapidly and constantly, each time we have to face the most diverse threats and the increase in attack vectors, which forces us to implement new cybersecurity tools, making use of the new available technologies.

Company employees themselves are often responsible for information leaks, intentionally or not.

Big Data, combined with analytics and machine learning, act as a surveillance and forecasting tool, managing and analysing all available information, and detecting anomalies. Data is a very valuable asset for companies and we must focus on its protection, also taking advantage of data to find valid patterns.

PAM (Privileged Access Management) solutions combine privileged access management with advanced authentication mechanisms, adding protection, visibility and control over these accounts.

Through IAM, multi-factor authentication, it combines different factors to verify that the user who is accessing our systems is who they say they are. The more layers of protection analysed, the greater the protection of your accesses, preventing identity theft in your applications and devices.

With DLP (Data Lost Prevention) solutions we can prevent information leaks from within the company, actively through artificial intelligence monitoring, which learns from the data and its use by users to detect anomalous behaviour and leaks of information, even before they are produced.


  • Secure management of the credentials of privileged access accounts.
  • Secure access to your systems.
  • Information leak prevention.