New cyber threats emerge every day that put your company’s security measures to the test.

Increasingly sophisticated attacks that seek financial gain at the cost of damaging your company and reducing your ability to continue working. A large part of the targeted attacks that an organisation suffers are orchestrated in a “stealth” way on DeepWeb and DarkWeb, so that they are undetectable, on many occasions, for protection elements and security monitoring such as SIEM, Proxy, firewall or a WAF and in which a human fault may be at the origin.

At Evolutio, we have developed a unique methodology for monitoring the main assets of a company, through alliances with some of the main manufacturers and technologies, which offers a monitoring, analysis and remediation service and demolition of the main threats.

A fundamental element of the investigations and analyses carried out is the Threat Intelligence of our Next Generation SOC, which is fed by the result of the investigations carried out in other clients, the protection of ourselves as a company and the sharing of information with public entities such as Incibe, or the National Cryptological Center.

In addition, in order to reduce the level of exposure to the minimum possible time, our specialists promote the automatic application of security protection elements.