The migration of IT systems and applications that companies consume to the public cloud means that they have to rethink their traditional security strategies.

The topology of the corporate network changes completely, and the user becomes the center of the consumption of services and applications, from a multitude of applications, and at any time. It is no longer valid to protect the data center and the corporate network, now each user session has to be a connection to the encrypted virtual private network, for each destination in the cloud, instead of just one for the entire company. We find access to unauthorised applications, or if they are, but it is not possible to manage, without full visibility of access rights and interactions.

It is increasingly necessary to constantly understand and assess risks, increasing the costs as you move towards cloud services. At Evolutio we help you make strategic decisions and mitigate risks, thanks to an accurate assessment of your network, applications, systems and processes. This will allow you to understand the risks associated with using cloud services, and your own level of risk tolerance, in a personalised way for your business, and focus on mitigating the threats that affect your organisation the most.

We combine solutions from leading cloud security providers with our managed services and security consulting experts.

In addition, we help you evaluate the level of regulatory compliance in the implementation of your cloud services against industry standards, to verify that the migration will never leave your data or that of your customers exposed. We prevent security controls from slowing down your business at all times, providing clear cloud access policies that allow the company to implement the resources they need, and avoiding the exposure of their data.

Managing multiple cloud providers and platforms gives you the speed, agility, and cost savings benefits of using cloud services, but it also exposes you to multiple risks. With our solutions you can visualise and have control of what is happening, through your environment and the multiple clouds, providing you with a single vision of your company’s cloud environment.