Most companies consume SaaS applications in a high percentage of their total IT resources in different ways, so controlling the consumption of these resources in the cloud is especially important.

To overcome these concerns it is essential to choose the right cloud provider, but also to use SaaS control systems as cloud access security agents (CASB). These solutions provide visibility into application consumption, information control based on information discovery, classification and prevention of information leakage, protection of users, devices and obsolete applications in access to cloud applications and regulatory compliance.

At Evolutio we partner with the most advanced cloud security service providers to implement and manage their services.

The CASB solution allows you to detect, through complete visibility of data and user behaviour, protect your information, wherever it is transmitted, inside or outside the cloud, and act in real time on cloud services to correct policy violations and stop security threats.


  • Policy application to cloud data.
  • Prevention of unauthorised use of information.
  • Assessment of cloud services and their risks.
  • Blocking information downloads on personal devices.
  • Hazard and malware detection in the cloud.
  • Data encryption.
  • Audits and configuration of restrictions in cloud services.