We detect increasingly persistent cyber attacks, with a longer duration in time, evading traditional detection and defence mechanisms. This generates costs for companies as a consequence of the stoppage or reduction of business activity, data theft, or impact to reputation. It is necessary not only for attacks to be detected immediately when they occur, but also to be able to get ahead of cybercriminals. Having the ability to detect and “hunt” cyber threats is vital to avoid putting business continuity at risk.

At Evolutio, we offer you our advanced Threat Hunting services, with the aim of searching and investigating threats.

Based on Miter, MaGMa and cyber intelligence frameworks, it adapts according to the assets and risk of the sector in which it operates. In this way, we manage to minimise the impact of cybersecurity incidents, reducing the detection time and optimising the response models.

It is a proactive detection service, based on hypothesis analysis and the collection of activity data from devices, servers or your company’s network, through real-time telemetry and low-level process automation, which puts effective defence mechanisms in place immediately.

We develop a customised threat control model for your company. We work with your team to design the strategy that best aligns with your business needs, the recommended SOC controls, and the detection and response capabilities you need. We use offensive techniques such as war gaming, red teaming or ethical hacking to help you manage your strengths and weaknesses, identifying vulnerabilities in your company’s behaviours, procedures, policies, applications and networks before cybercriminals do.