Using separate networks for voice and data is a double effort in administration and costs. You can use your data network to route calls and other voice services, thereby consolidating your communications infrastructure, which is easier to manage and cheaper. In addition, it allows you to have greater control over your services and make the most of your existing investment, when you also want to work anywhere, to be able to call using multiple devices, IP telephony and collaboration solutions.

Our global voice service offers you:

  • Global coverage. Analogous to the full ISDN or public network service, but with voice IP technology, SIP Trunk and multiple codecs.
  • Regulated service, according to E.164 regulation (new numbers, number portability, RI, etc.) and compatible with different national regulations.
  • Incoming and outgoing traffic in more than 25 countries and plan to increase coverage.
  • Emergency Services Calls (eCall), with identification of the location of the caller.
  • Two types of deployment: distributed (SIPtrunk by headquarters) or centralised (SIPTrunk by country or geographical area: Europe, Asia, America, etc.)
  • Single access to the Global Voice Service over IPCG / MPLS or the Internet.


  • Simplify and consolidate: Traditional and new voice systems and associated communications infrastructure.
  • Cost efficiencies: Reduces operational (OPEX), network and administrative costs, reduces communication cost and reduces the number of concurrent channels required.
  • Greater control over your services.
  • Improve flexibility and connectivity: Numbering and billing plans are tailored to your needs.
  • Enables and facilitates the deployment of unified communications solutions.