The LAN network and WiFi connectivity are the main way of connecting corporate users and collaborating companies to the IT services of any company. In the industry, in addition, it is the connectivity on which the management and control of production is based. The obsolescence of equipment as well as the inorganic growth of companies makes these environments obsolete and with poor management.

At Evolutio, we propose to propose centralised management models based on the tools and our professional services, as well as incorporating security mechanisms in access.

It ensures that each type of user has access to the IT services they need, while avoiding intrusion into the corporate network. Taking management and security into account within the design of the solution allows us to maintain control and security over company data.

We work with the main manufacturers and solutions on the market, such as Aruba, Meraki or Juniper, and we have the experience and knowledge necessary to implement the most appropriate service in your company.


  • Control: we know who accesses (corporate user, collaborator, guest, etc…), under what conditions (OS, antivirus, etc…) and what resources they access.
  • Security: we prevent unauthorised users from accessing the network and putting the information at risk. First line of defence is established.
  • Digital Employee: guaranteeing access to information in an agile and secure way is the first step for digital transformation in companies.