The use of video conferencing as part of the collaboration routines of a company is increasingly important, it keeps employees in contact from anywhere, and the contact is more fluid than just by audio. Also hold meetings through videoconferences from the desktop itself, on demand and from anywhere.

At Evolutio we integrate the Cisco Webex Meetings solution into your company’s systems, helping you get the most out of your communications. With this solution, video conferencing is almost as simple as meeting in person.

Hosting a meeting is easy, and participants just have to click a link. They will also have a mobile application to use anywhere and on any device. During the meeting, teams can share the screen to show documents or applications, and have the possibility to record everything and send it to the participants later.

If you need to host larger meetings, you have the ability to use the webinar format, with HD video and audio for up to 3,000 people, or large-scale online broadcasts for more than 40,000 participants.


  • Exceptional video quality.
  • Participate from any device.
  • Screen sharing, even from mobile.
  • Meeting recording.
  • Organisation of webinars, training or online broadcasts.