Companies use the Internet to offload traffic from their virtual private networks and their less critical business applications, but also to build hybrid networks with broadband accesses and at lower costs from each site. For this reason, the demand for a robust, reliable and managed internet connectivity service is increasing.  

At Evolutio we offer you differentiated solutions for every need, robust, reliable and of corporate quality. You can choose between Internet Connect, for your centralised accesses, or Internet Connect Reach, for broadband accesses to the Internet directly from each site. 

Our service is specifically designed to meet the needs of both multinational and medium-sized companies that require internet access in Spain or other countries, as well as for content providers and ISPs.

With our Internet Connect service, our clients see the complexity of their management reduced, since from Evolutio we manage and control every element of their Internet connection, both in Spain and in other countries. 


IPv6. The Internet Connect service is prepared to offer functionalities in IPv6 allowing different scenarios to be able to work both in dual-stack IPv4 IPv6 and in native IPv6.

Managing 7×24 hours of the core to the Internet.

Internet Connect: centralised accesses with guaranteed flow rates.

  • Ethernet and dedicated accesses that allow high availability solutions.
  • Multi-vendor solution in Spain.
  • Coverage both in Spain and in Europe and other countries.
  • Presence in the main neutral points (In Spain Expanix and Catnix), and multiple, local and global peerings agreements, which allows us to have few “jumps” to any destination.

Internet Connect Reach, direct access to broadband internet, of corporate quality, at each headquarters, without the need to use the client’s intranet.

  • Access with FTTH and also ADSL, 4G in Spain and in other countries, contact us.
  • End-to-end managed service, with corporate quality and efficient price.
  • Option to have several public fixed IPs.