The private Ethernet network provides you with Layer 2 Ethernet connectivity between sites, enabling point-to-point (EPL), point-multipoint (EVPL), and all-to-all (ELAN) connectivity

It allows you to have in your company an Ethernet WAN network with national coverage, ideal for organisations that require: 

  • Maintain end-to-end control of the IP of your communications.
  • Non-IP application support without encapsulation overhead.
  • Create your own IP VPNs.
  • Large dedicated bandwidth, between two or more locations, as an evolution of services inherited from private circuits.

Our service enables you to implement workstation virtualization, server consolidation, real-time video, and the use of low-latency applications in cloud services. In addition, it has protocol transparency and supports multicast and IPv6. 


  • Comprehensive control of your IP network: exclusive control of the architecture and version of your IP network, as well as the addressing and routing tables.
  • Freedom of innovation: it is the ideal innovation platform to enjoy advanced capabilities, not yet available in IP VPN networks, as well as different types of multicast or the implementation of new more sophisticated applications that improve efficiency, but require of a higher bandwidth.
  • Ideal for data centers: thanks to its compatibility with the virtual machine environments of the different facilities.
  • Secure Bandwidth – Protected between facilities for use by your key applications.
  • Evolution of old environments: ideal for ATM solutions, Frame Relay and private SDH circuits, since it offers a greater bandwidth, greater flexibility in the face of possible extensions and a reduced cost.
  • Evolution for your already installed services.