With the cloud connectivity service we help you move your business to the cloud, efficiently, safely and successfully, minimising the complexity, risk and costs of migration. 

Our great experience and our extensive network make us the perfect partner to take the step to the cloud environment, where data and applications are distributed in a hybrid way between public and private cloud environments, with different providers and in different geographies. The network thus becomes the fundamental integration point. At Evolutio we are the key ally, since we have extensive experience as a network service provider, and we have a powerful network, very reliable, with high performance and with the main security standards in the market. 

We offer you a combination of services that include:

  • Direct connectivity to cloud providers.
  • Data center connectivity.
  • Direct connection to the main Software as a Service (SaaS) providers.
  • Global coverage of the main Internet peering points.
  • Cloud security: NVF security solutions, at the points of presence.
  • Virtualised acceleration.


  • Simplify your transition to the cloud to get the most of what you already have. With our cloud platform, you can make the most of your existing investment in network services to reduce risk and make the transition easier.
  • Change more quickly. Whether you are looking to connect to a new cloud service provider or deploying a new cloud application, you can do it quickly and achieve greater benefits for your business, faster than ever.
  • Improve performance. Whether you are connecting to a cloud service provider via direct private connections (VPN) or via the Internet, your customers and users can benefit from the improved performance of our Cloud Connect platform.
  • Improve security. With security integrated into the Cloud Connect platform itself.
  • Cost savings. With connectivity to leading cloud service providers already consolidated, you will save money thanks to the lower cost of our connectivity and the scalability advantage of the cloud service provider itself.
  • Global service, delivered locally. Cloud Connect is a service that uses local infrastructure located in large business centres and Internet interconnection.