Software Defined technology not only applies to the automation of WAN networks, but also reaches all elements of the architecture of a network. The IT technology that a delegation can include, turns the communications rack cabinet into a micro-Data Centre. 

SD WAN platforms extend their orchestration of services beyond the control of the WAN, and allow automating all the technologies that we have installed in the EDGE.

Providers of SD WAN, solve the control of the LAN / WLAN with SD ACCESS technology, or SD BRANCH with a centralised dashboard that allows the integral management of the branch network.

Hardware platforms that are installed in the delegations are increasingly similar to a general-purpose server than to a conventional router with its interfaces. So much so, that it is possible to install solutions with processing and storage capacity to complete services that require local computing. It’s EDGE COMPUTING.

In collaboration with our SD-WAN partners, we offer you an SD-EDGE solution that allows you to optimise your infrastructure in branches thanks to functionalities such as software-defined functions (VNF), remote server orchestration, and chaining of security services of Last generation. 

At Evolutio we have a team of experts specialised in SD-EDGE that will help you transform your LAN / WAN architecture and implement a security model to adapt your business to the changes of digital transformation. 

We help you design, install and optimise your solution. In addition, we provide you with a managed service that will allow you to get more out of the information of the applications, users and your clients to improve both your operational and business processes and obtain the highest return on investment.


  • Integration of services in remote locations.
  • Continuous monitoring of the LAN / WLAN and the WAN.
  • Distributed computing at customer sites for IoT projects.
  • Guarantee of an optimal user experience.
  • Management methods adapted to your needs.
  • Facilitates business growth: rapidly deploying new headquarters, in zero touch provisioning mode, streamlining administration and allowing the deployment of LAN / WLAN and WAN networks.
  • Centralised administration that streamlines changes and the incorporation of new functionalities.