At Evolutio we offer you different approaches to advanced analysis and comprehensive unified monitoring, both for SD-WAN networks and for traditional WAN technologies, providing you with detailed visibility of both parties and end-to-end network control.

We have a Big Data solution that allows us to integrate, after a phase of study and enrichment of different sources of your company, the 360º vision of your organisation allowing autonomously:

  • Offer sophisticated forecasting and what-if analysis that enables you to effectively plan and optimise your resources.
  • Provide granular visibility into the applications and infrastructure used by your business, allowing you to add rapid fault correlation and mitigation.
  • Advise you with detailed recommendations that will allow you, thanks to traffic patterns, to make changes to the policies implemented in order to improve and optimise the use of your network.
  • Predict equipment breakdowns in the short term, based on historical data on your activity, in a way that allows you to plan asset maintenance in advance, minimising the risk and costs that they may cause.

Digital transformation and the digital paradigm require us to take advanced analytics one step further, and use those future insights to make decisions, optimising both services and processes. This level of visibility and real-time control of the entire network allows you to manage resources, prevent threats, and adapt services in an agile way to business dynamics.

Thanks to our Big Data platform and the use of AI, we can offer you additional business value for your company, contributing all the strategic points, both corporate and service providers, in its transformation and continuity towards digitisation.


  • Improve decision-making, basing decisions on data.
  • Automate processes, saving time, processes and tasks.
  • Minimise costs, both in processes and resources.
  • Maximise process efficiency, achieving more with less.
  • Help ensure the reliability of assets.